I’ve been traumatised!!!!!

Last week started OK but then it got to Wednesday and that was just terrible……………..

Firstly, Mum didn’t give me any breakfast – does she not realise that food is the most important thing – then she took me to the Vets.  Now, I don’t normally mind it there because the nurses like to make a fuss of me and if I give the Vet my sad puppy eyes I usually get at least 2 or 3 treats. But, Wednesday was a whole different matter.

To start with Mum left me there all by myself – how dare she, I need someone with me to hold my paw.  The next bit wasn’t too bad because I had a lovely long sleep, although I felt very groggy when I woke up.  But then I realised something, well 2 things really were missing.  I was traumatised, how dare they steal them from me, they were mine, not theirs! And to top it off they had plucked the fur out of my ears and cleaned them out….I was quite happy having dirty, fluffy ears.

When Mum came and collected me I was so pleased, although still very sleepy.  As soon as I got home I ate some food and went back to sleep again.  When I woke up everything seemed to be hurting badly and I needed to go outside for a wee.  Boy did that hurt, I’m happy to admit I cried loudly and made a hasty retreat back into the house.

They even made me wear clothes too – look how silly I looked.


The next morning I was still hurting and feeling very tired so I was allowed to go to work with my Mum.  She says I was a very good boy, to be honest all I did was sleep, I don’t know why Mum and Dad moan about work – it’s a doddle.


So, after having to deal with all this I didn’t expect to find myself traumatised again so soon.  It all started on Friday night, I was minding my own business playing with my giggle ball in the lounge when there was this really really really loud bang, and then another and another.  I have no clue what it was but Dad says they were fireworks.  I don’t know what fireworks are but they are very noisy and both me and Heidi were very scared.  I was a bit braver than Heidi, she was shaking and panting a lot, I was just a bit scared (honestly).  The trouble is every time it got dark they started again, so we got scared again.  We were too scared to even go out in the garden for a wee once it was dark. Yesterday when it was dark I didn’t hear any so I’m hoping they have gone away for good now.

I’m happy to say that I am now feeling almost back to myself (I’ll never be totally myself because certain parts of me are missing) and soon I’ll be running around like a mad puppy again.

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Radley x


My adventures in the Peak District

Wow what a great week I’ve had……After a tiring day at Discover Dogs the next day we went on a long car journey (quite handy as it gave me a few more hours sleep) and ended up in the Peak District.  The signs said Wirksworth – I can’t read but Heidi can, she’s clever.  It’s always fun to go somewhere new because it has different smells and sounds.  I love to explore with my nose.

The next day my luscious Labradoodle friend, Bella came to visit.  She’s older than me so I could be her toyboy although she’s a bit tall for me – most dogs are when you’re only a foot tall!  We all went for a lovely walk at Chatsworth House. I love it there as there’s a river, sheep, deer and kids playing football (I’m brill at football).  We have to stay on the lead because we might get excited and chase the sheep or deer.  I think I’d be really good at hunting the deer, after all I was bred to hunt Wild boar and a deer can’t be much different.  We also sat outside the farm shop cafe whilst the hoomans had lunch.  When I wasn’t asking for food – they can be so stingy with their food – we watched the cows in the field.  Bella got extra excited, I think it was because they were brown like her.

We went on some great walks, up hills, across fields, through woods, it was so much fun. I may be little but with ‘4 paw drive’ I’m pretty nifty.  Sissy Mum complained about her knees aching, I don’t know what her problem is. We were lucky because the sun was shining most of the time, although I did manage to find some mud to walk in. I love getting muddy and dirty but mum moans at me when I do. On one of the days I got really muddy and spoil sport Mum made me wash in a bowl before going into the house, I don’t know why I couldn’t just clean myself on the carpet.

Another day we went to see these big things called trams at the Crich Tramway Village. I tried to pretend I wasn’t scared but I was a little bit.  We went for a ride on one and my Dad let me sit on his lap.  Heidi was brave and sat on the floor, although she’s too big to sit on his lap anyway.  Being small does have it’s benefits. I saw some tractors too and we went on a woodland walk, that was ace.

The hoomans went to a place called Haddon Hall.   Heidi and I couldn’t go with them so we stayed home and slept – I looooove sleeping!  Mum said that Haddon Hall had been on TV in something called Gunpowder, so I guess it’s famous. She wanted me to post these pictures she took, I let her but reminded her it was MY blog and not hers.

Another evening they left us again – I didn’t mind because it gave me more sleep time but I did give them my extra sad dog eyes when they left so they gave us a chew stick each. They said the cinema was small and quirky with sofas.  I usually sleep on the floor by their feet when they are watching TV so they could have sneaked me in with them.

Oh and listen to this trick I’ve learnt………..I bark at the door to go out in the garden and then refuse to come in again until they get me a treat.  It’s so funny, it works every time.  I think they are starting to realise who’s boss – teeheehee 🙂

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Next week I have to go to the vets, I don’t know why but I’ll let you know more about it in my next blog.

Love Radley x


Hi, I’m Radley

Hi, I’m Radley a Cesky (Czech) Terrier. I live with my hooman family in Hertfordshire but spend a lot of time exploring the Peak District too. I also have a big sister called Heidi who’s a Schnauzer. Oh, and I nearly forgot about Oscar, the grumpy old cat that lives with us too. He’s not much fun because he doesn’t want to play with me, I don’t know why.

Not many people have heard of a Cesky so here’s a little bit of information. The first Cesky Terrier was bred in 1948 by a Czech man called Frantisek Horak who crossed a Scottish Terrier with a Sealyham Terrier. If you want to find more about me and my ancestors click here Cesky Terrier Club

This is a picture of Heidi and me – I’m the little one, but I have very big character.

I’m going to let you know about some of my exploits in my blog. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Last Saturday I was invited to go to Discover Dogs with some of my relatives (my dad – Wally, sister – Coco and half sister – Portia) and some other Ceskys to be on the Cesky stand. We had to go to a big scary place called The ExCel in London. When I got out the car this big thing flew over my head, it wasn’t a bird – I like to chase them – Mum said it was an aeroplane because we were near something called City Airport. All I know was it was very noisy and I didn’t like it.

I spent all day being stroked and having my ears rubbed, it was lovely. My Mum chatted to all the other hoomans because they kept asking questions about me and the other dogs. I think my Mum loved talking about me and she was very proud when people said how much they liked me. I was a really good boy but was exhausted by the end of the day and slept all the way home. Although when I got home I still had energy to play with Heidi whilst Mum was trying to relax in front of the TV. I was told I was a natural and may go to Discover Dogs at Crufts next year too.

Me and my Hooman Mum

The other Ceskys looking very glamorous with their show cuts.

At the moment we are in the Peak District so when I return I will let you know what I’ve been up to. I hope you’ve enjoyed my first blog and come back for my second soon.

Radley x