Chilling with my Dad and Sister

Well it’s been ages since I wrote my last blog but it has been busy in our house and Megan, my hooman sister is currently doing something called GCSE exams and I’m having to be good so she has peace and quiet to revise…….sounds really boring to me.

At Easter I went to see my Dad, Sister and half Sister (plus more Ceskys) at their hooman family. Wally, my Dad is a cool dude just like me and it was lovely to see Coco because I haven’t seen her since we were 9 weeks old. Whilst it was lovely getting to see the other dogs I did have to be groomed whilst I was there, on the upside by the time it was finished I did look more like my Dad and Sister. Since that day my Mum has been grooming me (and Heidi) at home. I do complain and try to make it difficult for her but I’m not too naughty as I’m worried if I am she may cut my ear or tail off by mistake. I’m looking quite dapper at the moment.

It’s been very hot recently and the other day when we were out walking there was a couple of dogs swimming after their tennis balls in the river. I decided it looked fun so I went over to Mum and sat and barked at her and the bag she had with her because I knew my tennis ball was in there. To start with Mum only threw it just into the water and my paws could still touch the bottom. Then she started to throw it a bit further and because my legs are so short I had to do my best doggy paddle to get to it. It was fun.

We went to the Peak District the other weekend. It was Wirksworth Carnival and Well Dressing weekend. There was music in the Market square, a procession and we had some lovely drinks (and a few crisps) in the pub’s gardens. It’s always a shame to come home because the walks are fab up there but I know we’ll be there again soon.

Hopefully it won’t be so long until I update you again.

Love Radley x

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