My day at Crufts

Oh what a day I had last Saturday…………

We had to get up early, that wasn’t too bad because I had my breakfast, went outside to do my business and then carried on my sleeping in the car.  It was quite a long drive but I was a good boy.  When we arrived it was a little walk to the big building which was nice because it meant I could stretch my legs and have a sniff around.  After we worked out which door to go in (silly Mummy tried to take me in the hooman door) we then had to find the special place just for gorgeous Cesky Terriers like me.  The place was sooooo big and there were people and all sorts of dogs everywhere.  When we were walking in there were some little yappy ones which Mum said were chihuahuas – they were so noisy they scared me.

There were already another family of Cesky’s on the stand and they were all so lovely to me.  They were all very handsome and beautiful and had been looked at by somebody called a ‘Judge’ the day before because they had been in the show-ring. It’s really nice for me to get together with other Ceskys because I never get to meet any when I’m out having a walk.

The stand was looking very smart with some lovely new banners that my Mummy and Uncle James helped to make (Mummy says I have to give him a big thank you lick next time I see him).  Once I’d had a drink and said a quick hello to everyone I was ready to face my public.


So what does it entail being on a stand at Discover Dogs?  Well the aim is to let people stroke me, ask about me and my fellow Ceskys to help them make up their mind whether a Cesky is the best dog for them and their family.  The first thing we normally have to put right is how to say Cesky – even the man on the TV kept saying it wrong.  Cesky (Czech word for Czech) should be pronounced ‘chess-key’ NOT ‘ses-key’.  Then I get all sorts of comments like ‘oh, he looks like a Schnauzer’ or a ‘schnauzer crossed with a sausage dog’ or ‘a scottie dog’.  So the hoomans then have to explain how the breed came about and about Mr Horak who bred the first Ceskys many years ago.

Whilst I was ‘doing my thing’ on the stand Dad and Megan looked round the rest of the show, petting other dogs (how dare they) and shopping for toys for me (that I don’t mind).  Some different Ceskys came on the stand in the afternoon meaning I met 8 Ceskys in total…..heaven. 

It was a long but fun day and mum says she learnt even more about Ceskys.  She tells me I have to go on a bit of a diet and that she is going to learn how to groom me herself (that worries me as I like having 2 ears and 4 legs!!).

When we got back home I was allowed to play with some of my new toys but had to try on a dressing gown that Megan insisted I needed!!

I’m your man (or dog) if you need to know anything about us.

Love Radley xx


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