A new friend, nursery rhymes and snow ⛄️

I’m going to have a new friend soon. My Nanny and Grandad are getting a poodle puppy later this month, she is called Ellie and I’ve seen a picture of her and she looks very cute. It will be Heidi and my job to show her around the town, teach her how to chase balls and play fight. Apparently when they go away she will be coming to stay with us which will be fun.

Megan (my hooman sister) thinks I’m a baby because she sings nursery rhymes to me. The other week I was happily sitting on her knee when she decided to sing row, row the boat. It was quite funny but I got a bit scared when she said “if you see a crocodile don’t forget to scream”. I didn’t know you got crocodiles in England

March has started with lots of snow which has been fab. Heidi and me have had a brill time playing and rolling in it. I have to wear my coat when I go out in the cold so I try to hide from Mum. Every time I hide in the corner of the room and look at the wall so I can’t see her but somehow she always finds me, I just don’t understand why! I’ve been for some great walks but I do have one issue and that is when it sticks to be legs and beard. Mum has to wrap me in a towel and cuddle me until I warm up and all the snow melts.

Next week I am going to Crufts and will be on the Cesky stand in the Discover Dogs area. I am being groomed in preparation on Tuesday. I will tell you all about it in my next blog but if you are at Crufts, especially on Saturday come and say hi, I’d love to see you.

Love Radley x

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