Exercising with Davina

We have just come back from another weekend in the Peak District. We went on a fab walk from Matlock to Darley Dale along the Derwent River, across fields (I’m a good boy and come back as soon as Mum calls me so I’m allowed off the lead when there are no sheep around) and ended up in a lovely pub. The pub was called the Square & Compass and it was a great because there were lots of other dogs there, nearly as many as there were hoomans. Heidi and me sat very patiently, using our special puppy eye look and it paid off as we were given some treats whilst they ate lunch……..works every time! After a drink of water from the lovely lady in the pub and a little snooze in front of the fire 🔥 I was ready for my walk back to Matlock, which was just as fun as the way there. I was rather muddy once we arrived home so I was made to have a bath and a brush – it’s so unfair.

t must be January because Mum’s decided she needs to get fit – if she ran around and chased the ball with me she’d be fine – so she has been exercising with a lady called Davina on the TV. Heidi just watches her whilst she does it but I like to be a bit more helpful. Like when shes laying down on the floor I check her ears and give them a little clean out, I bark encouragement when she’s jumping around and when she uses the weights to tone her arms I hang off of one of them – well it’s extra resistance so that must be good 😂

We’ve had some really windy weather which has been great because there’s been sticks everywhere when we go out for a walk. I find one stick, carry it for a while and then come across another one that’s bigger and better so pick that one up instead and carry it until I find another that’s even bigger and better. Sometimes they are so big Mum gets cross with me because I hit her legs as I run past her. I managed to get one in the house the other day without being spotted and I ran upstairs quickly with it and started to chew it all over the carpet……I’m such a little monkey 🐵 (or so I’m told)

Look how muddy I got on one of my walks this week, I did a lovely roly-poly down the hill. Just as well I was wearing my coat or it would have been yet another bath!

Love Radley xx

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