Christmas and Santa Paws

Wow, it’s been a whole month since I last posted – Trouble is I need Mum’s help to write my blog because my paws are too big for the keyboard so she has to type it up for me. I did try to write it with voice recognition but unfortunately they haven’t devised one that understands ‘bark’. Anyway, she’s been quite busy recently because of ‘Santa Paws’ so I had to pester her to help me.

We’ve had more snow which was fun, this time it was whilst we were at home so we got to walk to where all the children were sliding down the hill on sledges. It looked really fun but I wasn’t allowed to join in, I had to stay on the lead so I didn’t get in their way.

The hoomans went to London to see a pantomime which they said was very funny, especially someone called Julian Clary, so Heidi and me got to spend the day with Grandad which is always brilliant. He took us for a walk up the woods and I was a little bit naughty because I had so much fun following smell trails that I didn’t come back when he first called me. I’m sure I could smell deer and I wanted to see if I could find them in case it was Rudolf and I needed to chase him back to Santa Paws. Anyway I couldn’t find him so I went back to find Grandad instead, he did grumble at me a bit so I’d better behave better next time.

A couple of days before Christmas Heidi and me both had to go to the groomers to be beautified. We both came back looking gorgeous and smelling delightful – well that’s what the hoomans said, I thought I smelled silly, fox poo is a much better perfume.

Christmas day was great fun, we all went to Nanny and Grandad’s along with all the hooman aunts, uncles and cousins. Before dinner we went for a really muddy walk….lush! Erik the littlest hooman had to go back early with his Daddy because he kept jumping in the muddy puddles and was soaked. I like Erik, he likes mud just like me and he likes playing ball with me in the garden. Henry and Albert are fun too because they play football and let me join in sometimes, well I say they let me, to be honest I don’t give them a choice. I’m faster than them anyway.

I got presents from ‘Santa Paws’, he left me a ball (that lasted 5 minutes before Mum took it away because I’d bitten a hole in it), other new toys (all now confiscated because apparently I’ve destroyed them!) but best of all Heidi and me got some lovely food treats, yummy.

After Christmas we went to our other house in Wirksworth, it’s great there because we have long walks and get to go to pubs and sometimes have mini cheddars or crisps. One day we walked over 5 miles from Wirksworth to Cromford along the High Peak Trail and across fields (I had to stay on the lead in the fields because there were sheep in there. I was so excited and I really, really wanted to eat their poo…..I don’t understand why I wasn’t allowed!). I say we walked over 5 miles, that’s what the hoomans said, I know I did at least twice that because they just walk in a straight line along the paths. I spend the whole walk with my nose to the ground, darting here and there, climbing up banks, onto walls, checking out streams and all sorts. It’s lovely to be a free dog and to be able to just run around. Halfway through our walk we stopped at a pub called The Boat Inn in Cromford so the hoomans could have some lunch, don’t worry Heidi and me made sure they shared a little with us, we managed to find a table right in front of the fire place so we had a restful sleep before it was time to walk home.

We’re back home now, the hoomans are back working and going to school but I’m sure I’ll be getting up to mischief again soon.

Woof, woof from Radley x

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