Mud & Snow – It’s great to be a dog!

Oh I do love mud so much and on my walks over the last couple of weeks it’s been lovely and muddy and I’ve been making sure I walk through all the really soggy and squidgy bits.  The hoomans hate it so brought me a coat to help keep me clean and warm (when you’re legs are this short your tummy does tend to get a bit dirty).  Although I’d prefer not to wear it I think I look quite dapper in it, what do you think?


We were back up in the Peak District again the other weekend so did more nice walks.  On the first day it was cold but sunny and we had a great walk before Heidi and me were left at home (how rude) so the hoomans could go to the Christmas Markets at Chatsworth House.  They weren’t gone that long so it was ok really, gave me time to have a snooze and they told me they brought us a Christmas present…….I hope Santa brings something down the chimney for me too, I did write him a list (toys, bones and biscuits).  I don’t really remember last years’ because I was only a pup but now I’m a big boy I know all about it.


The next day was really strange, there was all this white cold stuff everywhere, Mum said it was snow.  I was very glad I had my coat to keep me all warm and toasty.  I loved chasing my ball and skidding along to catch it and then doing a roly-poly at the end.  It was nice to get home afterwards though to warm up.  Mum and Dad went out in the afternoon to watch a game of football at Matlock (I would have happily gone too especially if I could have joined in).  They said it was very different from watching Tottenham and very cold standing watching but they enjoyed themselves.  Heidi and me stayed at the house with Megan as she had to do something called ‘revision’ for school as she has exams soon.  Did you know I went to school for 6 weeks to learn how to be a good boy and I passed my exams and got a certificate.  When I go and stay with my Grandad he can’t work out how I managed to pass because I’m not very good a walking beside him…..I’m just so excited to get everywhere I always want to run.  


One of the best things about going to the Peak district is going to pubs.  There’s one near where we live that we often go to for a drink after dinner.  There’s always lots of other dogs and people to stroke me.  The other day the hoomans decided to play a game on a table with lots of balls (they said it was called ‘Pool’) but man it was scary! When all the balls came out at the beginning it was so loud I hid under a chair.

We are back home now getting ready for Christmas and helping Megan revise some more in-between her exams.

That’s all for now.  Catch up again soon.

Love Radley xx


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