A Monster, a gingerbread man & dolphins

Hi it’s Radley here again. Thankfully after my traumatic time I can say that the last week or two have been a bit better.  

I did have one scare though, the noisy monster that goes around sucking things up nearly took my tail. I was happily snoozing under Megan’s bed minding my own business when suddenly I heard the monster roar and before I could raise my eyebrow (you will notice from my pics that I only have one) he was right there looking at me and my tail was just out of his reach.  I ran as quick as I could and gave it my loudest bark – I’ll show him who’s boss!

I had a check up at the vets, I was hoping they were going to return what they took but they didn’t.  I did get a gingerbread man toy for being a good boy but when I tried to eat him – Mr Fox told me that was OK –  Mum told me off and took him away from me.

We went for a couple of fab walks this weekend as we were back in the Peak District.  Mum found it in a doggie walk book, especially for dogs like Heidi and me.  We chose the Tissington walk along the Tissington Trail.   The book said the walk was 3.5 miles but I went loads more than that because I ran around lots and lots, sniffing all the lovely smells.  I was very tempted to eat some of the horses poo but I got shouted at.  We got to go into a lovely little place for lunch.  Heidi and I managed to use our special puppy dog eyes to get some chips and cucumber – god those hoomans are a soft touch! You’ve got to work on those looks fellow fur friends! 

On Sunday we walked along the Cromford Canal  – there were ducks and swans swimming in the water and lots and lots of other dogs.  Heidi barks at all of them, I just give them a little sniff – well some of them are bigger than me, I’m not silly.  

On my walks back at home Mum has started to take the ball with her again which I just love.  She had been saying she couldn’t throw it because she had a bad arm, and boy was she was right, you should have seen her pathetic throws.  They were all over the place, one even ended up nearly getting stuck in a tree.  At least it goes in a straight line again now and I can chase it around.

That’s about all for now – oh, I just wanted to tell you about a brill new TV show I’ve been watching called ‘Blue Planet.’ I sat on Mum’s lap and watched all the fish, dolphins and whales this week, it was great.


Love Radley xx

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