I’ve been traumatised!!!!!

Last week started OK but then it got to Wednesday and that was just terrible……………..

Firstly, Mum didn’t give me any breakfast – does she not realise that food is the most important thing – then she took me to the Vets.  Now, I don’t normally mind it there because the nurses like to make a fuss of me and if I give the Vet my sad puppy eyes I usually get at least 2 or 3 treats. But, Wednesday was a whole different matter.

To start with Mum left me there all by myself – how dare she, I need someone with me to hold my paw.  The next bit wasn’t too bad because I had a lovely long sleep, although I felt very groggy when I woke up.  But then I realised something, well 2 things really were missing.  I was traumatised, how dare they steal them from me, they were mine, not theirs! And to top it off they had plucked the fur out of my ears and cleaned them out….I was quite happy having dirty, fluffy ears.

When Mum came and collected me I was so pleased, although still very sleepy.  As soon as I got home I ate some food and went back to sleep again.  When I woke up everything seemed to be hurting badly and I needed to go outside for a wee.  Boy did that hurt, I’m happy to admit I cried loudly and made a hasty retreat back into the house.

They even made me wear clothes too – look how silly I looked.


The next morning I was still hurting and feeling very tired so I was allowed to go to work with my Mum.  She says I was a very good boy, to be honest all I did was sleep, I don’t know why Mum and Dad moan about work – it’s a doddle.


So, after having to deal with all this I didn’t expect to find myself traumatised again so soon.  It all started on Friday night, I was minding my own business playing with my giggle ball in the lounge when there was this really really really loud bang, and then another and another.  I have no clue what it was but Dad says they were fireworks.  I don’t know what fireworks are but they are very noisy and both me and Heidi were very scared.  I was a bit braver than Heidi, she was shaking and panting a lot, I was just a bit scared (honestly).  The trouble is every time it got dark they started again, so we got scared again.  We were too scared to even go out in the garden for a wee once it was dark. Yesterday when it was dark I didn’t hear any so I’m hoping they have gone away for good now.

I’m happy to say that I am now feeling almost back to myself (I’ll never be totally myself because certain parts of me are missing) and soon I’ll be running around like a mad puppy again.

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Radley x


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