Chilling with my Dad and Sister

Well it’s been ages since I wrote my last blog but it has been busy in our house and Megan, my hooman sister is currently doing something called GCSE exams and I’m having to be good so she has peace and quiet to revise…….sounds really boring to me.

At Easter I went to see my Dad, Sister and half Sister (plus more Ceskys) at their hooman family. Wally, my Dad is a cool dude just like me and it was lovely to see Coco because I haven’t seen her since we were 9 weeks old. Whilst it was lovely getting to see the other dogs I did have to be groomed whilst I was there, on the upside by the time it was finished I did look more like my Dad and Sister. Since that day my Mum has been grooming me (and Heidi) at home. I do complain and try to make it difficult for her but I’m not too naughty as I’m worried if I am she may cut my ear or tail off by mistake. I’m looking quite dapper at the moment.

It’s been very hot recently and the other day when we were out walking there was a couple of dogs swimming after their tennis balls in the river. I decided it looked fun so I went over to Mum and sat and barked at her and the bag she had with her because I knew my tennis ball was in there. To start with Mum only threw it just into the water and my paws could still touch the bottom. Then she started to throw it a bit further and because my legs are so short I had to do my best doggy paddle to get to it. It was fun.

We went to the Peak District the other weekend. It was Wirksworth Carnival and Well Dressing weekend. There was music in the Market square, a procession and we had some lovely drinks (and a few crisps) in the pub’s gardens. It’s always a shame to come home because the walks are fab up there but I know we’ll be there again soon.

Hopefully it won’t be so long until I update you again.

Love Radley x

My day at Crufts

Oh what a day I had last Saturday…………

We had to get up early, that wasn’t too bad because I had my breakfast, went outside to do my business and then carried on my sleeping in the car.  It was quite a long drive but I was a good boy.  When we arrived it was a little walk to the big building which was nice because it meant I could stretch my legs and have a sniff around.  After we worked out which door to go in (silly Mummy tried to take me in the hooman door) we then had to find the special place just for gorgeous Cesky Terriers like me.  The place was sooooo big and there were people and all sorts of dogs everywhere.  When we were walking in there were some little yappy ones which Mum said were chihuahuas – they were so noisy they scared me.

There were already another family of Cesky’s on the stand and they were all so lovely to me.  They were all very handsome and beautiful and had been looked at by somebody called a ‘Judge’ the day before because they had been in the show-ring. It’s really nice for me to get together with other Ceskys because I never get to meet any when I’m out having a walk.

The stand was looking very smart with some lovely new banners that my Mummy and Uncle James helped to make (Mummy says I have to give him a big thank you lick next time I see him).  Once I’d had a drink and said a quick hello to everyone I was ready to face my public.


So what does it entail being on a stand at Discover Dogs?  Well the aim is to let people stroke me, ask about me and my fellow Ceskys to help them make up their mind whether a Cesky is the best dog for them and their family.  The first thing we normally have to put right is how to say Cesky – even the man on the TV kept saying it wrong.  Cesky (Czech word for Czech) should be pronounced ‘chess-key’ NOT ‘ses-key’.  Then I get all sorts of comments like ‘oh, he looks like a Schnauzer’ or a ‘schnauzer crossed with a sausage dog’ or ‘a scottie dog’.  So the hoomans then have to explain how the breed came about and about Mr Horak who bred the first Ceskys many years ago.

Whilst I was ‘doing my thing’ on the stand Dad and Megan looked round the rest of the show, petting other dogs (how dare they) and shopping for toys for me (that I don’t mind).  Some different Ceskys came on the stand in the afternoon meaning I met 8 Ceskys in total…..heaven. 

It was a long but fun day and mum says she learnt even more about Ceskys.  She tells me I have to go on a bit of a diet and that she is going to learn how to groom me herself (that worries me as I like having 2 ears and 4 legs!!).

When we got back home I was allowed to play with some of my new toys but had to try on a dressing gown that Megan insisted I needed!!

I’m your man (or dog) if you need to know anything about us.

Love Radley xx


A new friend, nursery rhymes and snow ⛄️

I’m going to have a new friend soon. My Nanny and Grandad are getting a poodle puppy later this month, she is called Ellie and I’ve seen a picture of her and she looks very cute. It will be Heidi and my job to show her around the town, teach her how to chase balls and play fight. Apparently when they go away she will be coming to stay with us which will be fun.

Megan (my hooman sister) thinks I’m a baby because she sings nursery rhymes to me. The other week I was happily sitting on her knee when she decided to sing row, row the boat. It was quite funny but I got a bit scared when she said “if you see a crocodile don’t forget to scream”. I didn’t know you got crocodiles in England

March has started with lots of snow which has been fab. Heidi and me have had a brill time playing and rolling in it. I have to wear my coat when I go out in the cold so I try to hide from Mum. Every time I hide in the corner of the room and look at the wall so I can’t see her but somehow she always finds me, I just don’t understand why! I’ve been for some great walks but I do have one issue and that is when it sticks to be legs and beard. Mum has to wrap me in a towel and cuddle me until I warm up and all the snow melts.

Next week I am going to Crufts and will be on the Cesky stand in the Discover Dogs area. I am being groomed in preparation on Tuesday. I will tell you all about it in my next blog but if you are at Crufts, especially on Saturday come and say hi, I’d love to see you.

Love Radley x

Exercising with Davina

We have just come back from another weekend in the Peak District. We went on a fab walk from Matlock to Darley Dale along the Derwent River, across fields (I’m a good boy and come back as soon as Mum calls me so I’m allowed off the lead when there are no sheep around) and ended up in a lovely pub. The pub was called the Square & Compass and it was a great because there were lots of other dogs there, nearly as many as there were hoomans. Heidi and me sat very patiently, using our special puppy eye look and it paid off as we were given some treats whilst they ate lunch…… every time! After a drink of water from the lovely lady in the pub and a little snooze in front of the fire 🔥 I was ready for my walk back to Matlock, which was just as fun as the way there. I was rather muddy once we arrived home so I was made to have a bath and a brush – it’s so unfair.

t must be January because Mum’s decided she needs to get fit – if she ran around and chased the ball with me she’d be fine – so she has been exercising with a lady called Davina on the TV. Heidi just watches her whilst she does it but I like to be a bit more helpful. Like when shes laying down on the floor I check her ears and give them a little clean out, I bark encouragement when she’s jumping around and when she uses the weights to tone her arms I hang off of one of them – well it’s extra resistance so that must be good 😂

We’ve had some really windy weather which has been great because there’s been sticks everywhere when we go out for a walk. I find one stick, carry it for a while and then come across another one that’s bigger and better so pick that one up instead and carry it until I find another that’s even bigger and better. Sometimes they are so big Mum gets cross with me because I hit her legs as I run past her. I managed to get one in the house the other day without being spotted and I ran upstairs quickly with it and started to chew it all over the carpet……I’m such a little monkey 🐵 (or so I’m told)

Look how muddy I got on one of my walks this week, I did a lovely roly-poly down the hill. Just as well I was wearing my coat or it would have been yet another bath!

Love Radley xx

Christmas and Santa Paws

Wow, it’s been a whole month since I last posted – Trouble is I need Mum’s help to write my blog because my paws are too big for the keyboard so she has to type it up for me. I did try to write it with voice recognition but unfortunately they haven’t devised one that understands ‘bark’. Anyway, she’s been quite busy recently because of ‘Santa Paws’ so I had to pester her to help me.

We’ve had more snow which was fun, this time it was whilst we were at home so we got to walk to where all the children were sliding down the hill on sledges. It looked really fun but I wasn’t allowed to join in, I had to stay on the lead so I didn’t get in their way.

The hoomans went to London to see a pantomime which they said was very funny, especially someone called Julian Clary, so Heidi and me got to spend the day with Grandad which is always brilliant. He took us for a walk up the woods and I was a little bit naughty because I had so much fun following smell trails that I didn’t come back when he first called me. I’m sure I could smell deer and I wanted to see if I could find them in case it was Rudolf and I needed to chase him back to Santa Paws. Anyway I couldn’t find him so I went back to find Grandad instead, he did grumble at me a bit so I’d better behave better next time.

A couple of days before Christmas Heidi and me both had to go to the groomers to be beautified. We both came back looking gorgeous and smelling delightful – well that’s what the hoomans said, I thought I smelled silly, fox poo is a much better perfume.

Christmas day was great fun, we all went to Nanny and Grandad’s along with all the hooman aunts, uncles and cousins. Before dinner we went for a really muddy walk….lush! Erik the littlest hooman had to go back early with his Daddy because he kept jumping in the muddy puddles and was soaked. I like Erik, he likes mud just like me and he likes playing ball with me in the garden. Henry and Albert are fun too because they play football and let me join in sometimes, well I say they let me, to be honest I don’t give them a choice. I’m faster than them anyway.

I got presents from ‘Santa Paws’, he left me a ball (that lasted 5 minutes before Mum took it away because I’d bitten a hole in it), other new toys (all now confiscated because apparently I’ve destroyed them!) but best of all Heidi and me got some lovely food treats, yummy.

After Christmas we went to our other house in Wirksworth, it’s great there because we have long walks and get to go to pubs and sometimes have mini cheddars or crisps. One day we walked over 5 miles from Wirksworth to Cromford along the High Peak Trail and across fields (I had to stay on the lead in the fields because there were sheep in there. I was so excited and I really, really wanted to eat their poo…..I don’t understand why I wasn’t allowed!). I say we walked over 5 miles, that’s what the hoomans said, I know I did at least twice that because they just walk in a straight line along the paths. I spend the whole walk with my nose to the ground, darting here and there, climbing up banks, onto walls, checking out streams and all sorts. It’s lovely to be a free dog and to be able to just run around. Halfway through our walk we stopped at a pub called The Boat Inn in Cromford so the hoomans could have some lunch, don’t worry Heidi and me made sure they shared a little with us, we managed to find a table right in front of the fire place so we had a restful sleep before it was time to walk home.

We’re back home now, the hoomans are back working and going to school but I’m sure I’ll be getting up to mischief again soon.

Woof, woof from Radley x

Mud & Snow – It’s great to be a dog!

Oh I do love mud so much and on my walks over the last couple of weeks it’s been lovely and muddy and I’ve been making sure I walk through all the really soggy and squidgy bits.  The hoomans hate it so brought me a coat to help keep me clean and warm (when you’re legs are this short your tummy does tend to get a bit dirty).  Although I’d prefer not to wear it I think I look quite dapper in it, what do you think?


We were back up in the Peak District again the other weekend so did more nice walks.  On the first day it was cold but sunny and we had a great walk before Heidi and me were left at home (how rude) so the hoomans could go to the Christmas Markets at Chatsworth House.  They weren’t gone that long so it was ok really, gave me time to have a snooze and they told me they brought us a Christmas present…….I hope Santa brings something down the chimney for me too, I did write him a list (toys, bones and biscuits).  I don’t really remember last years’ because I was only a pup but now I’m a big boy I know all about it.


The next day was really strange, there was all this white cold stuff everywhere, Mum said it was snow.  I was very glad I had my coat to keep me all warm and toasty.  I loved chasing my ball and skidding along to catch it and then doing a roly-poly at the end.  It was nice to get home afterwards though to warm up.  Mum and Dad went out in the afternoon to watch a game of football at Matlock (I would have happily gone too especially if I could have joined in).  They said it was very different from watching Tottenham and very cold standing watching but they enjoyed themselves.  Heidi and me stayed at the house with Megan as she had to do something called ‘revision’ for school as she has exams soon.  Did you know I went to school for 6 weeks to learn how to be a good boy and I passed my exams and got a certificate.  When I go and stay with my Grandad he can’t work out how I managed to pass because I’m not very good a walking beside him…..I’m just so excited to get everywhere I always want to run.  


One of the best things about going to the Peak district is going to pubs.  There’s one near where we live that we often go to for a drink after dinner.  There’s always lots of other dogs and people to stroke me.  The other day the hoomans decided to play a game on a table with lots of balls (they said it was called ‘Pool’) but man it was scary! When all the balls came out at the beginning it was so loud I hid under a chair.

We are back home now getting ready for Christmas and helping Megan revise some more in-between her exams.

That’s all for now.  Catch up again soon.

Love Radley xx


A Monster, a gingerbread man & dolphins

Hi it’s Radley here again. Thankfully after my traumatic time I can say that the last week or two have been a bit better.  

I did have one scare though, the noisy monster that goes around sucking things up nearly took my tail. I was happily snoozing under Megan’s bed minding my own business when suddenly I heard the monster roar and before I could raise my eyebrow (you will notice from my pics that I only have one) he was right there looking at me and my tail was just out of his reach.  I ran as quick as I could and gave it my loudest bark – I’ll show him who’s boss!

I had a check up at the vets, I was hoping they were going to return what they took but they didn’t.  I did get a gingerbread man toy for being a good boy but when I tried to eat him – Mr Fox told me that was OK –  Mum told me off and took him away from me.

We went for a couple of fab walks this weekend as we were back in the Peak District.  Mum found it in a doggie walk book, especially for dogs like Heidi and me.  We chose the Tissington walk along the Tissington Trail.   The book said the walk was 3.5 miles but I went loads more than that because I ran around lots and lots, sniffing all the lovely smells.  I was very tempted to eat some of the horses poo but I got shouted at.  We got to go into a lovely little place for lunch.  Heidi and I managed to use our special puppy dog eyes to get some chips and cucumber – god those hoomans are a soft touch! You’ve got to work on those looks fellow fur friends! 

On Sunday we walked along the Cromford Canal  – there were ducks and swans swimming in the water and lots and lots of other dogs.  Heidi barks at all of them, I just give them a little sniff – well some of them are bigger than me, I’m not silly.  

On my walks back at home Mum has started to take the ball with her again which I just love.  She had been saying she couldn’t throw it because she had a bad arm, and boy was she was right, you should have seen her pathetic throws.  They were all over the place, one even ended up nearly getting stuck in a tree.  At least it goes in a straight line again now and I can chase it around.

That’s about all for now – oh, I just wanted to tell you about a brill new TV show I’ve been watching called ‘Blue Planet.’ I sat on Mum’s lap and watched all the fish, dolphins and whales this week, it was great.


Love Radley xx